Medtech ebook medical device Consonance A medical device requires a special design and development approach to make it successful. This Medtech ebook written by people who stay behind the curtain shows how not to get sidetracked from primary goals or lose focus especially when time to market is crucial. We share only good practices and our experience which might help […]
Medtech ebook: How to get a medical device to the market Time to read: 3 min
Steps in medical device prototyping Companies need all the help they get with product design when bringing any product ready to market. They can’t afford to get distracted from their core responsibilities or lose sight of the goal. This is where we come in. Our team is built to provide all our clients need to bring their Medtech projects to […]
The Manifest Names Consonance as One of The Most Reviewed Product Design Companies in Poland Time to read: 3 min
Medical device certification Consonance In the Medtech world medical device certification should stay on the entrepreneurial top of mind list to look after. What is the CE and Quality Management System (QMS) all about and how they affect medical device certification? Is certification of the system according to EN ISO 13485:2016 necessary during the certification of a medical device […]
The difference between medical device certification and QMS certification Time to read: 5 min
5 Phases of Medical Device Development Process | Consonance When it comes to medical devices, the entire process of prototyping, manufacturing and market implementation is regulated and requires a number of tests and analyses to confirm safety and accuracy. We usually trust doctors, and so we trust the devices they use. Don’t we?
The 5 Phases of Medical Device Development Process Time to read: 5 min
Coding medtech hardware Consonance Medtech hardware development is evolving. Medical devices are increasingly built around software, which is already proved by a number of cases. Our needs, amplified by the pandemic, have made medicine more “tele-orientated” than it ever was.
Build Medtech hardware and software more effectively Time to read: 5 min
Consonance Medical Medtech MedTech is under intense development and there is significant effort to advance the research. Wearable technology has a tremendous impact on healthcare. The miniaturisation of electronics is a thing now: smaller is smarter.
Next-generation diagnostics and biointerfaces. Where is Medtech heading? Time to read: 7 min
Medical device design Consonance Is technology overriding design when it comes to medical products? Tech can be wrapped in a standard casing and the device is marketable. Or is it not? Along with the development of medical technology and medicine itself, doctors, and patients show more demands.
Effective and beautiful medical device design. Ultimate guide for Medtech! Time to read: 5 min
Technical feasibility study | MedTech | Consonance After 50+ MedTech projects delivered at Consonance we can tell one important piece of advice: it’s worth starting your MedTech innovation with technical feasibility study if you want to build the product faster, know risks, a timeline and REAL costs.
Technical feasibility study can save your MedTech project! Time to read: 5 min
MedTech Trends for 2022 | Consonance The MedTech sector and healthcare have faced two years of extreme difficulty. The burden on the health system or missing components for device manufacturing are just the beginning of a list that touches these two areas. But 2021 is over. Hard times create a great opportunity to build and deliver innovative services and technologies so let’s dive into the future.
MedTech trends for 2022. What comes next? Time to read: 5 min
Consonance Team CSR responsibility The Christmas season should mean something special. During that time we always want to do something good. How to match help with engineering? In December we decided to help not only financially but also in terms of skills. Our CSR activist, Krzysiek, suggested taking part in the “Szlachetna Paczka” project.
Medtech engineers have a big heart. How we helped during “Szlachetna Paczka”? Time to read: 5 min