IVD startups: opportunities & challenges eBook The IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) market is a dynamic and rapidly growing sector, offering significant opportunities for startups. While IVD startups have significant opportunities to address unmet needs in the diagnostics market, they must overcome various challenges related to technology, regulation, reimbursement, competition, funding, and clinical validation to succeed.
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Medical device consulting Consonance The healthcare industry is witnessing an exponential growth in technological advancements and innovations. Medical devices play a crucial role in improving patient care, diagnosing diseases, and enhancing treatment outcomes. However, the journey from ideation to market entry is riddled with complexities and regulatory requirements.
Medical Device Consulting Role in Accelerating Startups Time to read: 5 min
Medical device prototyping Consonance In the fast-paced world of medical technology (MedTech), staying ahead requires innovation and the ability to transform ideas into tangible products. One crucial step in this process is prototyping. In this blog post, we will explore the value of prototyping in MedTech projects and highlight the essential services that make it more than just an expense.
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Embedded Technology for MedTech wrap up from Embedded World 2023 It’s 2023, and the world of embedded technology has evolved rapidly, bringing new possibilities and challenges. So we went to Embedded World 2023 to find out what’s new to implement in MedTech projects delivered by Consonance Team.
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Consonance partner Cracow University of Technology Cooperation with the scientific & technology community is part of our culture. We want to welcome Department of Mechanical Engineering among our partners. The cooperation will include not only strengthening research cooperation, but also an opportunity for students to benefit from training classes, study visits and internships and apprenticeships.
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2023 MedTech trends wrap up by Consonance How to discuss Medtech trends? Reading tea leaves is not a good idea, so I asked experts in their fields to wrap up important pieces. Read about trends in Medtech business, engineering, project management and quality assurance in a single article. Hope you’ll take some inspiration for your future activities.
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Medtech 2022 summary from Consonance If you’re here you probably dig Medtech and you’d like to find something fresh, inspiring and pointing out how a Medtech company worked in 2022. So I don’t want to disappoint you! Check what challenges and opportunities we faced.
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Medical technology development Consonance Medicine is not a last week invention. Many significant advancements in medical technology have been created over the centuries, but few have had the wide-ranging impact or influence that digital technology has.
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Medtech ebook medical device Consonance A medical device requires a special design and development approach to make it successful. This Medtech ebook written by people who stay behind the curtain shows how not to get sidetracked from primary goals or lose focus especially when time to market is crucial. We share only good practices and our experience which might help […]
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Steps in medical device prototyping Companies need all the help they get with product design when bringing any product ready to market. They can’t afford to get distracted from their core responsibilities or lose sight of the goal. This is where we come in. Our team is built to provide all our clients need to bring their Medtech projects to […]
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