Preventive pressure ulcer patch

Pressure ulcers prevention has never been that simple.


Consonance join the project as our technology partner to design and develop a functional prototype which will prevent pressure ulcers. The Consonance’s Team skills & approach resulted with innovative application of electrostimulation of at-risk areas fitted to well-designed medical product. They managed to build the product during the pandemic which was extremely difficult. I recommend Consonance as an open-minded and reliable partner for MedTech projects.

Jeremi Zgierski
CEO at Prevlly

More than 150 M people around the world struggle with bedsores. Despite the development of technology, until now there is no device that helps patients to protect their health and even life.

After a detailed technical feasibility stage, we ran a series of research to offer best-in-class design and electronics, to make the product as user friendly as possible. Our regulatory ISO 13485 / CE experts provided the correct product certification strategy.

Innovative application of electrostimulation of at-risk areas fitted to well-designed, easy to use medical patch. Prevlly is the world's first smart preventive decubitus dressing which protects patients from pain and the danger of pressure sores.

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