Telemedical CTG device for both hospital and home use

Perform CTG examinations in any time with Pregnabit Pro

Pregnabit Pro case study CTG telemedicine | Consonance

Nestmedic S.A. is the manufacturer of technologically innovative, mobile telemedical solutions. Our task was to develop a device for remote cardiotocography (fetal and maternal well-being examination, or CTG).

The work carried out in close co-operation with Nestmedic includes main unit’s hardware design, production of prototypes and setting up required accessories. On top of that we helped to open the door towards an even more comfortable use of Pregnabit Pro at home by integrating wireless probes with the device.

Pregnabit Pro is a professional class IIa telemedicine tool for CTG. Now, expectant mothers can do home testing, which is extremely convenient and helpful during a pandemic.

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