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We are a medical device development company focused on medical device product development for startups, MedTech companies and pharma multinationals. For the last 7 years or roughly 50+ projects our Team took care of medical businesses through ideation, prototyping, design, hardware engineering, certification strategies and small batch manufacturing. Essentials to innovate healthcare!

What clients say about us?

Logo testimonial home Braincapture quotes Since June 2022, we have been working with Consonance throughout the development process up to and including the BC-1 medical devices manufacturing. Their knowledge in the technical and regulatory field has been a huge gain. The agreed deliveries: time, quality and price have been delivered without deviation. We expect to continue our cooperation.
Lisbeth Moller Christensen case study Consonance
Lisbeth Moller Christensen
QA Manager
Logo testimonial home Oasis “We worked together with Consonance to prepare functional prototypes of our impedance spectrometry and anal probe, the main parts of the ONIRY product. The cooperation was very good, the project was perfectly managed and communicated, all work went according to the schedule. We are fully satisfied.”
Katarzyna Borycka-Kiciak, CEO at OASIS Diagnostics
Katarzyna Borycka-Kiciak
PhD, CEO at OASIS Diagnostics
Logo testimonial home Pfizer "We had the opportunity to work with Consonance on the Innovation Workshops. It was very fruitful and efficient cooperation. Consonance team understood our needs and was able to bring valuable technical insight and market expertise into the project. We look forward to continued partnership with them."
Rafał Kowalczyk Multichannel Marketing Manager at Pfizer
Rafał Kowalczyk
Multichannel Marketing Manager at Pfizer

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MedTech Startups & Low-Volume CDMOs: A Match Made in Heaven?

The synergy between MedTech startups and Low-Volume CDMOs is increasingly becoming a pivotal force driving innovation and growth. Often likened to a love-at-first-sight scenario, this partnership holds immense potential to revolutionize the industry and bring groundbreaking medical devices and solutions to the market.

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MedTech startups: A self-reflection guide

A Self-Reflection Guide for MedTech Startups: Overcoming the Unique Challenges

Despite astonishing advances in medical treatment and substantial investments that have been made in healthcare innovation, MedTech Startups have one of the highest failure rates. To find out why, it is important to break down underlying challenges and examine the driving forces. How does the nature of product development in MedTech differ from other fields? What mindset and expertise are essential to navigate the uncertainty? What are the best questions to ask that can help MedTech startups reflect on their journey and improve themselves?

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MedTech product: 6 reasons to partner with Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO)

Should MedTech startups or academic spin-outs partner with Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs)? It’s tempting to push the project alone and consume the glory, yet these organizations play a pivotal role in driving innovation, streamlining production processes, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality medical devices and technologies.

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