10 Innovative MedTech Startups Redefining Healthcare

10 Innovative MedTech Startups Redefining Healthcare

In 2024, innovative MedTech startups stand at the forefront of a transformative journey, poised to redefine our healthcare experience. These young companies aren’t merely players in the field. Armed with fresh perspectives and groundbreaking technologies, they’re introducing novel ideas, developing cutting-edge medical devices, and challenging traditional approaches to healthcare. From ingenious gadgets to intelligent diagnostic tools, they’re reshaping the very fabric of healthcare delivery.

Through their stories, it becomes evident that they’re not just ideas; they’re infusing the future of healthcare with intelligence, efficiency, and a profound focus on the individuals it serves. Would they become successful?

How innovative MedTech is changing healthcare and why should you care?

MedTech, an abbreviation for medical technology, represents the realm where companies innovate and deploy technologies to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of the medical sector. This field encompasses a wide array of products designed to prevent, diagnose, monitor, or treat health conditions. In contemporary discourse, MedTech has evolved to emphasize modern and pioneering technologies aimed at elevating patient experiences and outcomes. Its applications span from robotic surgery to the development of artificial organs, illustrating its diverse and impactful contributions to healthcare innovation.

Innovative MedTech startups to follow

Nordiq Products 

Founded in 2016 MedTech startup Nordiq Products has engineered sensor technology designed for critical monitoring situations where maintaining control over vital signs is imperative to prevent fatalities. Their inaugural product is a lightweight, ultra-portable device engineered for ease of use in various operational environments and situations. Examples include overfilled hospitals, field hospitals, intrahospital transportation, and prehospital and military settings.

IQ Biozoom 

This startup founded in 2021 is introducing a groundbreaking medical pen for non-invasive and pain-free monitoring of glucose and other biomarkers. This innovation promises to transform the lives of millions affected by diabetes, insulin resistance, or hormonal disorders. With nearly 60% of diabetics skipping glucose measurements due to the discomfort of finger pricks, IQ Biozoom offers a revolutionary solution. Say goodbye to the painful and frustrating process of finger prick testing, particularly challenging for children and elderly individuals with peripheral circulatory diseases. IQ Biozoom empowers individuals to manage their personal health seamlessly and painlessly.


Founded in Basel, Switzerland BioNexus leads the frontier of personalized medicine for women with its cutting-edge diagnostic wearable sensor that continuously monitors hormone levels, providing real-time health status insights. By harnessing the power of measuring and analysis, this innovative MedTech company wants to drive advancements in precision medicine for women and allow a data-driven approach to fertility improvement.


Founded in 2014 at the DTU in Copenhagen, BrainCapture pioneers neurotechnology solutions aimed at enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Through non-invasive techniques and data-driven approaches, BrainCapture enables healthcare professionals to gain deeper insights into brain function, facilitating more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. This solution is tailored for over 4 billion individuals residing in emerging economies, where reliable and affordable access to neurological testing remains scarce. This deficit leaves millions without diagnosis and treatment for conditions like epilepsy, highlighting the urgent need for accessible healthcare services in these regions.


Founded in 2017, OrthoGet is dedicated to advancing orthopedic care through innovative medical devices and treatment modalities. The uniqueness of their product OrthoNail, a dynamic intramedullary nail lies in its durability and external activation for implant lengthening. This is achieved through a combination of previously unavailable physical properties and active lengthening methods within the patient’s body. As a result, the Company’s product will help mitigate the effects of bone demineralization in the treated limb, muscle atrophy, and complications arising from reduced joint mobility. This new solution will enable more effective therapy and faster recovery for patients. The OrthoNail intramedullary nail is the first solution designed for dynamic lengthening of human long bones. Due to the absence of similar implants, combining Orthoget’s solution is an innovation on a global scale.

Biotreat Vascular 

Biotreat Vascular, a pioneering medical technology firm, specializes in crafting minimally invasive endovascular tools catering to varicose veins, peripheral embolization, and hemorrhoidal disease treatments. Their line of products aims to streamline procedures, enhance patient accessibility, and tackle the hurdles encountered by medical practitioners.

Oasis Diagnostics 

Founded in 2018, Oasis Diagnostics is focusing on women who just after giving natural birth, have perineal injury. Startup wants to revolutionize obstetric anal sphincter injury detection. A 1-minute diagnosis device aims to prevent serious childbirth complications and enhance the quality of life for millions of new mothers globally. Their innovative solutions empower healthcare professionals to identify health conditions swiftly and accurately, enabling timely interventions and improved patient outcomes.


SespsisScan is a spin-off company originating from the Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy at the University of Latvia. The company is committed to combating sepsis, a life-threatening condition, through a bedside hyperspectral imaging device designed for real-time assessment of microcirculation function, empowering healthcare professionals in their battle against sepsis with enhanced efficacy and precision.


Their aspiration lies in creating a novel, entirely safe, and non-invasive endoscopic capsule system dedicated to gastrointestinal observation and diagnosis of abnormalities and diseases. Biocam capsule endoscopy system is envisioned to seamlessly record and image the entire gastrointestinal tract, allowing patients to conveniently utilize it at home while physicians monitor real-time results.


AioCare offers the convenience of conducting spirometry tests from the comfort of your home. This portable system is tailored for monitoring and managing lung diseases, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), empowering you to track your condition, symptoms, and medication intake conveniently. Real-time data is accessible to your physician through the AioCare Panel, enabling personalized treatment strategies based on your current results. By utilizing AioCare, you can consult with your doctor promptly and mitigate the risk of disease exacerbations, leading to a more comfortable and informed healthcare experience.


These innovative MedTech startups exemplify the transformative impact of technology on healthcare, driving advancements that enhance patient care, improve treatment outcomes, and revolutionize healthcare delivery. We think there is a huge potential to develop and hopefully these innovations could reach the commercialization stage. 

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