The Future of Polish Hospitals: Mother and Child Startup Challenge Winners

Mother and Child Startup Challenge Consonance

The Mother and Child Startup Challenge is a unique European project that brings together state medical entities in the pursuit of harnessing the potential of innovative solutions related to comprehensive healthcare. This year’s edition attracted 51 startups and companies from various countries, competing for the opportunity to introduce their innovative ideas to six public hospitals in Warsaw, Łódź, Białystok, Gdańsk, and Olsztyn.

The award ceremony took place on December 7, 2023, at the prestigious Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN in Warsaw. The main prize includes the implementation of the winning solutions in hospitals co-organizing the initiative. During the ceremonial gala, held in the presence of representatives from the medical, business, and scientific worlds, the winners received prestigious recognition and the opportunity to test their solutions in hospitals. Additional prizes included attractive mentoring support, training courses, and access to cloud space with a total value of 300,000 euros.

Consonance Team during Gala

Consonance Team during Gala

About the startup challenge

The latest edition of the competition focused on seeking innovative solutions in the field of diagnostics, prevention, treatment, and education, with a particular emphasis on pediatrics, aiming to have a real impact on the functioning of hospitals. Submitted projects could include innovative products, services, and material solutions, with a priority on ensuring their practical application in hospitals. This year’s edition set two paths – one for startups with TRL 3-7 and another for mature companies above TRL 8.

From numerous submissions, the Competition Jury composed of experts from various fields selected finalists (based on defined evaluation criteria). The Program Board then provided recommendations, and as a result of these actions, the hospital directors selected the winners.

The Mother and Child Startup Challenge initiative is not just a competition; it is also a glimpse into the future of Polish healthcare. Through the innovations introduced into hospitals, the organizers aim to address current challenges such as information overload, staffing shortages, and short doctor visit times. Additionally, they seek to contribute to improving the quality of treatment for children and pregnant women, a priority for society.

Mother and Child Startup Challenge Winners Gala

2023 Mother and Child Startup Challenge Gala

Mother and Child Startup Challenge Winners

In the mature company path, the main prizes were awarded to TruScreen and Laserobaria 2.0_S. TruScreen Cervical Cancer Screening is an innovative Class IIA medical device that uses a clinically proven optical-electrical method for the immediate detection of changes in the cervix. This tool not only enables effective cost reduction in cervical cancer prevention but also contributes to faster improvements in survival rates compared to traditional methods, such as HPV DNA tests, especially with mass application. TruScreen offers non-invasiveness, no need for tissue sampling, built-in artificial intelligence eliminating the risk of human error, immediate and objective results, and ease of use. It is a modern solution that allows for effective and precise monitoring of women’s health, contributing to progress in cervical cancer diagnostics.

Laserobaria 2.0_S, created by the Polish company Inventmed, is an innovative Class IIA medical device capable of conducting holistic therapy through the synergistic use of five physical factors: local hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, magnetic field, red light, and UV light. Certified as a medical device, Laserobaria 2.0_S is used in the treatment of various conditions, such as burns, ulcers, lymphatic swelling, and orthopedic disorders. Thanks to individualized programming, the device can be adapted to the specific condition, resulting in therapeutic effectiveness, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and tissue regeneration acceleration.

In the B+R path, the main prize winners were the startups Clebre and Calmsie.

Clebre is a revolutionary system for treating sleep and breathing disorders, bringing diagnostics and monitoring to the patient’s home using an innovative neck sensor. Close monitoring of progress allows tailoring therapy to the individual needs of the patient, providing a complete, objective picture of the condition and monitoring its changes. This modern system, coordinated by a team of specialists, introduces fundamental changes in the approach to the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring, common in both adults and children, with significant health consequences. Clebre effectively addresses these needs, offering long-term solutions for patients of all ages.

Calmsie is an innovative platform for pediatric healthcare. Targeted at children with depression and anxiety disorders, it offers immediate support, prevention, and complementary therapy. This modern platform, created by experienced doctors and IT specialists, combines conversational artificial intelligence with mobile games, eliminating systemic gaps in child mental health care. Mission Amygdala engages children in daily missions, where they help game characters overcome emotional challenges. It also introduces real-time conversations with General Empathy, controlled by artificial intelligence videobot, which helps children apply acquired skills in real situations. Calmsie changes the face of children’s mental health care, combining innovation, engaging UX, safety, and efficiency.

Startup Challenge Awards

In addition to implementation in institutions as the main prize for winning projects, the winners and distinguished finalists received attractive additional awards for the development of their projects. Additional awards were granted by the strategic partner OVHcloud, main partners: Łukasiewicz Research Network, GE HealthCare Poland, Consonance, Startup Academy, and supporting partners: TIKA and the OIC Poland Foundation. The fortunate awardees include: Laserobria 2.0_S, TruScreen, Clebre, Calmsie, DNA ERA, Clininote, Play.air, Biocam, Pogaduszki, MedNotes. The Consonance’s prize went to IQ Biozoom.

IQ Biozoom awarded by Consonance

IQ Biozoom awarded by Consonance

Mother and Child Startup Challenge Report

To crown the initiative, a report summarizing the Second Edition of the Mother and Child Startup Challenge was created. The document not only synthesizes innovative solutions submitted by the winners but also includes significant, substantive contributions from the competition’s partners and patrons. This comprehensive work serves as a basis for the latest information regarding revolutionary activities in the field of pediatrics and healthcare. Thanks to the commitment of partners and patrons, the report stands out with a full spectrum of perspectives and modern approaches, making it a valuable source of knowledge for all interested in progress in pediatric medicine.

The report is available on the competition website

This year, the MCSC competition was supported by over 60 companies and institutions, whose involvement had a significant impact on the success of the event. The Strategic Partners of the initiative were OVHcloud, CompuMedical Group Polska, and the Digital Future Foundation. The event’s realization was possible thanks to the support of external institutions, including Consonance, Webellian and the Polish Development Fund Foundation. Additionally, the competition was under the Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Digitization, Ministry of Development and Technology, Medical Research Agency, e-Health Center, and the Patient’s Rights Advocate.

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