We partner NIL IN SUMMIT: Forum of the Supreme Medical Chamber

NIL IN SUMMIT: Forum of the Supreme Medical Chamber for Medical Innovations

On September 15-16, 2023, the Polish Forum for Medical Innovation – the Conference of the Network of Innovative Doctors of the Supreme Medical Chamber NIL IN SUMMIT will take place. International experts and representatives from the public sector will gather to discuss the best solutions for modern medicine and develop further directions for the healthcare sector’s development.

During the conference, the conclusions from three reports will also be presented, covering the topics of medical data security, the role of doctors in startups, and the implementation of innovations in primary healthcare. One of the topics is covered by the Consonance expert.

The digital revolution in medicine has opened up unlimited possibilities for improving healthcare. Thanks to telemedicine, electronic medical records, data analysis, artificial intelligence, wearable patient devices, patient education, medical robotics, and blockchain technology, doctors can more efficiently diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients, providing personalized and accessible healthcare. Established last year under the Supreme Medical Chamber, the Network of Innovative Doctors actively works to translate theoretical possibilities into real solutions, bridging the gap between medicine and modern technologies, inspiring and supporting doctors in innovative projects that will contribute to a healthcare revolution. The conclusions from their previous activities and the state of innovation in the Polish medical sector will be presented at the NIL IN SUMMIT Conference on September 15 and 16.

International Experts, Best Practices

The event will bring together leading representatives of the industry to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and discussions on the latest discoveries that are revolutionizing the field of medicine, as well as the challenges in this field. Distinguished foreign experts have been invited to participate in the conference, who have been co-authors of efforts to introduce innovations in their respective countries, including Professor Axel Mühlbacher from the Health Economics and Health Care Management Hochschule Neubrandenburg in Germany, Professor Carl Asche from the University of Utah, and Jari Haverinen from the Finnish Center for Health Technology Assessment (FINCCHTA). Polish experts and representatives from the public sector, medical organizations, and patient advocacy groups will also have a voice. Among the invited guests are the Minister of Health, the President of the National Health Fund, and the Patient Rights Ombudsman.

Polish Medical Innovations in Numbers – Premiere of 3 Reports

During the conference, three reports that have been worked on by Working Groups of the Network of Innovative Doctors will be presented. They cover the topics of medical data security, the role of doctors in startups, and the implementation of innovations in primary healthcare. The conclusions from these reports will open up new perspectives for the future of healthcare.

Medical Data Security

The first report will address the frequently discussed topic of medical data security and systemic changes in the use of this data in recent times. Key aspects of the significance and sensitivity of medical data security in the context of healthcare will be discussed. The facts and figures presented in the report will showcase the development directions in this area and create space for further discussions. The integrity and security of data are crucial elements in the development of medical care, which is why the document will be sent for public consultations.

Doctors and Startups

What do doctors do in Polish startups? How does the cooperation between digital healthcare companies and healthcare professionals unfold? How do doctors, who create groundbreaking solutions, combine the roles of a doctor and an entrepreneur? Where do they seek funding and know-how? These and other questions will be answered in the report “An Idea Comes to the Doctor: What Role Doctors Play in Polish Medical Startups.” The report will shed new light on the roles doctors play in Polish medical startups. We will also learn about the main areas in which doctors engage as innovators and the advantages they bring from their clinical experience.

The Clinics of the Future: Top Innovations

The report “Innovations in Ambulatory Care” will summarize the “Clinic of the Future” competition. It will be a valuable source of information and inspiration for the development of innovation in primary healthcare facilities. Specific projects that have been successfully implemented in ambulatory care will be presented. We will learn about technological and organizational solutions that already benefit patients and doctors and streamline the work of medical facilities.

From Vision to Tools. We invite you to register for NIL IN SUMMIT

E-prescriptions and electronic medical documentation are just the beginning of significant changes that are accelerating due to the development of new technologies. Doctors must transition from being users to co-designers of innovations to have an impact on the future of healthcare. Safety and usability must be considered for each new solution. All of this is reflected in the conference program, which covers a wide range of topics, from the future of healthcare to trends, technologies, innovations, and more. Sessions dedicated to modern diagnostics, medical data protection, telemedicine, innovation in hospitals, and other areas provide an invaluable opportunity for inspiration and knowledge exchange.


The NIL IN SUMMIT Conference will take place on September 15 and 16 in a hybrid format: in-person at the Central Research, Innovation, and Training Center of NIL in Warsaw, at 110 Jana III Sobieskiego Street, as well as online.
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