We're all about providing the best
digital solutions for our clients. Here
are a few of our latest projects.

Fascinating observation of a child's health in the mother's womb

ZuzaMED monitors the work of a child's heart during the prenatal period and informs the mother and doctors in case of emergencies. We realize all the development activities, including hardware analysis and software development, especially the advanced algorithms that enable the analysis of the most important vital signs of a fetus.

A truly immersive sound experience

Soundi are studio quality digital ear-bud headphones and a binaural recording system. They are designed to recreate how human ears capture sound. We are involved in the development of built-in HiFi microphones for immersive 3D sound recording that allows the recording and re-living of memories in detailed 3D binaural sound. The device is designed to work with iPhones or iPads thanks to the built-in Apple Lightning connector. We are also enrolled in the Made For iPhone program.

A Solution for Diabetes

Diabdis is a Diabetes Control Programme – a complex solution for people who are affected by diabetes and want to take care of their health. We are a technological partner and provide support to the development of the Diabdis device, which enables the transfer of data from a glucometer to a desktop application and then to the cloud.